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Editorial Policy

 Nothing is constant in this globe but only change is constant. In this ever-changing world, social phenomenon and dynamics are being shifted from one paradigm to another and contributing both positively and negatively to the members of the society. The world is a global society where everyone and everything is closely related and being influenced in terms of culture, environment, governance, politics, and international relationship. All these things have mutually developed the intellectual discourse for research that can be exploredthrough the dissemination of knowledge. The journal believes in the universal application of sharing and exchanging knowledge and research with a view to constructing a knowledge-based global society for all irrespective of any boundaries.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Open Access Policy

The Society and Change is an Open Access journal dedicated to promoting knowledge and research through dissemination of research articles and information. Open access is a popular publication model that ensures the distribution of knowledge to globalCommunity in online environment without imposing any commercial conditions.As the society and change is an open access journal and believes in this philosophy, full texts and abstract of all articles published in this journal are freely accessible to everyone and could be downloaded without any form of restriction.

Publication Charge Policy

The society and change is dedicated in generating and promoting knowledge and research through disseminating, sharing and participating in the intellectual discourse. In line with this, throughout the process from submission to publication, no publication Fee is charged to the authors and their publications are purely free of cost.