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2227-202X (Online)
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Perception towards Political Economy among General Public, Students and Public Officials in Bangladesh
Md. Tanvir Alam

The study aims to investigate perceptions of political economy among the general public, students, and public officials in Bangladesh, along with the factors influencing these perceptions. Employing a qualitative methodology, semi-structured questionnaires was used to gather insights from representative samples of each group. Purposive sampling was used to select participants, ensuring diversity in demographics and maintaining gender representation across tiers. Content analysis was then employed to analyze the data, identifying recurring themes and patterns. Findings reveal a lack of familiarity with political economy among the general public, while students, particularly from social science disciplines, display higher levels of understanding. Public officials, especially those in high-ranking positions, exhibit varying levels of familiarity, with notable gaps in practical application. These results highlight the need for targeted educational initiatives to enhance economic literacy and promote practical utilization of political economy knowledge. Ultimately, addressing these gaps is crucial for fostering informed decision-making, addressing socio-economic challenges, and promoting sustainable development in Bangladesh.

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