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Online Business for Women's Independence: A Study on Women Empowerment in Bangladesh
Sharmin Shahria

In today's era, the educated women don't prefer to stay inside the walls of their own homes. They want equal rights and respect from their equivalent males. They want to use their talent and knowledge in their own businesses in addition to handle home duties. Women are rapidly gaining popularity and significant value in our economy as a result of economic globalization. Women have demonstrated that they can enter and work in every sector. Now-a-days, women are performing exceptionally well in online business in Bangladesh. The development of information and communication technology facilitates the women to take up new ventures and work from home. As a result, many women are participating in these online businesses and contributing to the progress and prosperity of the country. Along with this, it is also playing a supporting role in protecting and empowering women's rights. This study tries to analyze the existing prospects and barriers in online business for women in Bangladesh. Additionally, an effort is made to look at the many difficulties experienced by women who use online platforms to launch, develop and maintain their businesses.

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