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ChatGPT Reshaping Social Sciences: A Paradigm Shift in Research, Education, and Ethical Frontiers
Md Shadikur Rahaman, Md Fahim Morshed, Md Nayamat Ullah, Fouzia Nasreen Sultana, Abdur Rahman, Md Ohahiduzzaman

In the era of digital transformation, the accelerated dominance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has propelled remarkable advancements across diverse fields. Recognized for its potential to significantly enhance productivity and efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and swiftly processing extensive datasets, AI, particularly through innovations in machine learning and natural language processing, has yielded substantial benefits in healthcare, finance, and transportation. This study systematically investigates the impact of ChatGPT on research communication within the realm of social sciences, analyzing 25 scholarly articles and curating ten based on relevance and depth of analysis. Focusing on the paradigm shift induced by ChatGPT, particularly in research and education, the discussion critically evaluates the ethical implications of its deployment in social sciences research, centering on aspects such as data privacy, prejudice, and responsible usage. Emphasizing the imperative need for comprehensive guidelines, the paper provides a nuanced examination of ChatGPT's diverse influence, offering insights into its functionalities, consequences, challenges, and future prospects, thereby contributing to a transformative discourse on the ethical frontiers of AI in social scientific research.

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