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Regional Health Infrastructure in North Bengal at the Time of COVID19 Pandemic
Abdul Hannan, Ms. Farhat Hossain

The current outbreak of COVID 19 has a profound impact on the regional health infrastructure of West Bengal. The present study scrutinizes the level of health infrastructure across the different regions of West Bengal. The existing evidence on health infrastructure clearly shows the wide disparity within the regions of West Bengal. It is found from the study that the backward regions have limited availability of health manpower, equipment, masks, sanitizer, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kit and insufficient health infrastructure during the pandemic. The test per million populations was quite low in North Bengal Region. The growth of COVID-19 cases and development the regional health infrastructure in West Bengal with reference to North Bengal has been analysed. The testing facilities and their expansion during lockdowns have been critically looked and found that the private laboratories are confined to urban centres only. The existing health infrastructure at district level and its preparation to combat COVID-19 is also captured systematically.  The government of West Bengal hires the services of private health care hospitals throughout the state acknowledges the fact of deficient health care in the state.

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