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Role of UNO and Women Representative to Ensure Good Governance at Local Level in Bangladesh
Sharmin Sultana, Md. Shafiul Islam

This paper explores the role of UNO and women representatives to ensure good governance at local level in Bangladesh. It is revealed that UNO is considered as vital position in the field administration. The officials are posted by the central administration. Therefore, they are very much loyal to their higher authority rather than public representatives or mass people. Though UNOs perform different types of tasks, covering Upazila administration to Union Parishad, urban to rural areas, neither they are accountable nor answerable for their activities to the people’s representatives at the local level. In fact, UNOs play dual roles such as magistracy role and coordinating role between local government and central government. On the other hand, UP is considered as vital institution for local development. The UP personnel are elected directly by the mass people as their representative. Therefore, they are legally bound to be accountable to public/mass people and also answerable for their activities to the people at the local level. Moreover, they are also legally accountable and answerable to the officials of the field administration of the central administration for their activities. In fact, the UP personnel are accountable and answerable to both upper and lower sides for their activities. Consequently, the two actors have important role ensure good governance at the local level in the country. But the study finds that the women representatives elected from reserved seats could hardly play vital role to ensure good governance at the local level. However, the study is conducted following a mixed method research approach. Both primary and secondary data are used in the study. 

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