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2227-202X (Online)
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Analysis of the Sustainable Management of Marine Resources to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals: In the Context of Bangladesh
Tanima Howlader

Bangladesh's coastal regions have very distinctive geomorphological features. Therefore, the fulfillment of the nation's development goals depends more and more on the coastal and marine environment. To ensure sustainable development the environment has been given the top-most priority. This study addresses possibilities for conservation, management, and the sustainability of marine resources in the context of Bangladesh. The study intends to accomplish two objectives. The first one is to discuss the current condition of the Bangladesh's fisheries and its prospects for the future. Secondly, to evaluate the standpoint of Bangladesh to ensure the sustainability of 'life below water'. The information in this research primarily comes from secondary sources. Besides, the gathered information has been examined by using various interpretive as well as analytical methods. The study focuses on the vast coastal area of Bangladesh. The results of this study have significant policy implications for how maritime resource management and environmental protection are currently managed. The findings of the research also give a broad assumption regarding the ocean governance and monetary value of coastal and marine resources. Strategic planning is vital to achieving sustainable development in Bangladesh, and it should emphasize on promising fields in the maritime sector.

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