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Assessing the Multidimensional Approach to Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh: A Comparative Analysis from PRSP to 8th FYP
Masuda Kamal, Sabrina Afrin Tonny

This research article assesses the evolution and effectiveness of poverty reduction policies in Bangladesh from the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) era to the 8th Five Year Plan (8FYP). Through a comparative analysis framework, the study examines how successive development plans address poverty's multifaceted nature, including both income-based measures and social deprivation indicators. Methodologically, the research integrates a comprehensive review of policy documents, supplemented by empirical data analysis where available. Key findings reveal shifts in policy emphasis towards a more holistic understanding of poverty, yet persistent challenges remain in effectively addressing social inclusion, human rights, and participatory development. The implications underscore the importance of continuous policy evaluation and adaptation to ensure a comprehensive approach to poverty reduction, offering recommendations for policymakers and stakeholders to enhance poverty reduction efforts in Bangladesh.

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