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Study on Devastating Economic Strains of Women in Bangladesh During COVID-19
Mohashina Parvin, Abdur Rahman, Md. Robiul Islam

Women comprise half of the population in Bangladesh, and their economic participation is substantially significant in the country's economy. However, unfortunately, women are the most vulnerable group in Bangladesh, considering their socioeconomic status. Significantly, women’s economic situation is fragile due to their form of involvement. Besides, they are also socially helpless as they do not get sufficient support from family, society, or the state. This research hypothesises that at this critical juncture of the pandemic crisis, Bangladesh's women's economy faced higher strains than men's. This research argues that women in Bangladesh went through an intense time during COVID-19 due to financial and family stress.Considering their socioeconomic importance, women’s struggle for their lives and livelihoods is perilous for Bangladeshi people and society. This research finds that women faced a pay cut, lost their jobs, returned from abroad, dropped family income, and consequently experienced enhanced stress. This research urges a holistic approach to women's support to overcome economic hurdles.

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