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Gendered Tourism
Shariqa Hussain, Vani Narula

The paper has explored the role of women and transgender in the tourism sector and also the motivation to join the sector through the lenses of gender by interviewing people (includes women, men and transgender).It was found that there is gendered tourism when it comes to join it as there are hardly any motivations provided to women and transgender whereas men
have more opportunities as compare to other gender despite of the fact that gender is socially created phenomenon and Covid-19 has increased inequality. Besides, there are some societal hurdles/stigma prevalent in the society for example- is it safe to work with transgender? Whereas in the case of women it was considered first whether the environment is safe where women are going to work or how are the people there in the working area of women? These are some of the reasons that limited the role of other gender people.

Special attention is given towards the tourism sector in Jammu & Kashmir region as there are barriers for men as well who are working in the tourism sector due to various reasons and least involvement of women was found which is different from northeast.

It can be concluded that awareness regarding the sector and for the gender becomes very crucial as tourism sector has potential of much growth -for the region itself and for the people engaged with the sector and it can be helpful in providing livelihood opportunities Inclusion of women and transgender will enhance the solidarity in the society ,make them empowered and also lead us one step closer to some of the sustainable development Goals like Goal5(Gender equality)and to economic growth with a quality social fabric of the society.

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