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Exploring Factors for Motivation to Transfer of Training
Md. Zohurul Islam, Shamim Hosen

Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC) and Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy (BCSAA) are responsible for providing training as a means of capacity development for the civil officials. The government has made training and development the highest priority, investing much in this domain. Motivation for the transfer of training has many folds; therefore, this study aims to identify the factors for motivation to transfer training and find out the relationship of influencing factors for motivation to training transfer. The research took a quantitative method. The respondents have worked in the field and have received training from either BPATC or BCSAA or both training organizations. Using standardized questionnaire item scores ranging from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree," data was collected from respondents. This study employed a purposeful random sampling approach. An online questionnaire (emailing) was circulated to 1800 participants who had received training from BPATC and BCSAA. A total of 307 respondents participated in the study. Principal Component Analysis/factor analysis was used with SPSS tools to discover the elements influencing the desire to transfer training. There were a total of eight variables found, including significant factor loading and commonalities. After that, a simple regression analysis was performed to determine the components that impact motivation to transfer training. Furthermore, a correlation matrix was created to investigate the connection among the variables. The regression model is significant, according to the results. Furthermore, some factors have a positive impact on motivation to transfer training.

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