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Effectiveness of Online Teaching during Covid-19 in Higher Secondary Education
Ranjan Kumar Guha, Abdul Mannan, Ashik Sarkar Lifat

Covid-19, a pandemic, had a devastating effect on the across the sectors of the economy as well as the country's boundary. The education sector suffered a lot as the educational institutes remained closed for nearly one and half years in Bangladesh. Online teaching, along with other methods of distant learning, was introduced during this period. In that context, the research question was how the students perceived the benefits of online teaching and what factors were responsible for getting better outcomes from online teaching. An online survey was conducted among grade XI and XII students in two colleges in the Chottagram Division. A total of 526 students participated in the online survey. SPSS was used to tabulate the data, and statistical analysis techniques such as mean, frequency distribution, percentage, and binary logit regression were used to analyze the data. The study findings revealed that the study time at home was reduced during the COVID period and that the use of online platforms had increased dramatically. Considering the perceived benefit of online teaching, more than three-fourths of the students replied that they faced little or severe problems in comprehending the message of a faculty specific mandatory subjects, including English. It was found that maintaining an attendance rate of more than 80%, limiting the time use of social media like Facebook, and ensuring a regular flow of minimum household income for vulnerable households are prerequisites to achieving positive outcomes from online education. Moreover, boy students are lacking in comprehend the message effectively, mainly because of their discontentment with the home environment. The study recommended making the teaching method more attractive for ensuring regular participation in online classes; counseling the students on thoughtful use of online devices; and supporting the poor households who have experienced income loss to support their children in education for increasing effectiveness of online teaching. Boy students need to be motivated to accept the new normal phenomena and behave accordingly during anomalous situations.  

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