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Perception of Managers towards Result Based Management: A Study on Local NGO’s of Khulna Region
Sabrina Afrin Tonny

The study intends to find out the perception of mid-level manager of NGO’s from Khulna Division towards the effectiveness of Result Based Management. A purposive sampling technique was used for selecting the sample size of 10 from population of 30 managers. Semi structure questionnaire along with a Likert scale was used to collect their opinion. The data was collected using qualitative method. Content analysis was done to find out the perception of managers regarding result-based management. The study reveals that most of the managers have a negative perception towards effectiveness of result-based management, on top of that their perception lies within their degree of knowledge on result-based management which is significantly poor. The study suggests all stakeholders including Donor, Managers, and NGOs to address this issue and act accordingly. 

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