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Vulnerable Communities during COVID-19: International Labour Migrants and Their Remained Behind Families in Bangladesh
Sabnam Sarmin Luna

International labour migration and remittances from migration have substantial influences on socio-economic livelihoods in Bangladesh like other developing countries. This paper investigates the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on migrants and their remained behind families in Bangladesh. Based on in-depth interviews the study shows that the vulnerabilities of migrants as a result of lockdown situation in accompanying countries manifested themselves as - job loss, less payment, state of captivity in working place. On the other hand, the remaining behind families faced additional challenges due to slowing down of remittance flows impacting daily food consumption, children’s education, and health care. The study argues that the experiences and consequences of COVID-19 pandemic were different for women migrant workers and their families compared to their male counterparts. This is because of the differences in the nature and characteristics of migration between men and women along with differences in the location of women compared to males within the households. This study is based on 20interviews of male and female migrants' households (a total 40)to capture these dimensions. Munshiganj and Manikganj districts were the focus areas for identifying the migrant household.

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