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Waste Management in Dhaka City: Exploring Domestic Recycling
Md. Tanvir Alam, Sabrina Afrin Tonny

The phenomenon of waste Management can be traced back to early civilization. At present it is highly associated with urban planning, such as SDG 11. Being one of the most polluted cities, Dhaka was supposed to offer more effective waste management system; unfortunately, the scenario is exact opposite. Unlike waste management, domestic recycling is a fully personal civil responsibility towards nature and society. The objective of this study is two-fold, first to understand the degree of awareness of residents of Dhaka city pertaining to Domestic Recycling, and to what degree they are contributing to it. This is a cross sectional study where primary source of data has been used, collected using mixed method tool. A semi-structured questionnaire has been developed using Likert Scale; A sample size of 20 family/unit has been selected from each 10 word of Dhaka Zone. Stratified sampling style has been used for this study.  The questionnaire was delivered and collected using Google form. Then the data was analyzed using content analysis to find out the research question. The study revealed that the degree of awareness of exercising domestic resource of residents of Dhaka Zone-3 is below average, and only 10% resident contribute to domestic recycling process.

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