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Necessity of Self-Defence Training for Prevention of Rape against Women: A Dhaka City Experience
Tanjin Ahsan, Kazi Sameeo Sheesh

The purpose of this study was to explore self-defence training for Rape prevention for females in Dhaka city. Nowadays, rape has been one of the most dominant forms of violence against women. Women of Bangladesh are also going through this unavoidable problem and are always in a risk of being raped. As Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and all forms of people are living in this city for many purposes, so the authors have selected this city to run their research. 

Objective of this research is to explore the techniques for self-defence for combatting the rape incident; young learners’ perception on self-defence tactics for preventing rape and to know how the self-defence techniques strength body and mind for combatting the rape incident.

The authors have collected data and information from the cases, broad-casted news, articles, journals, books and interviews.

The authors have used qualitative approach. The in-depth interview and case study analysis method are used as research tool and 15 Trainers, 15 Learners and 2 psychiatrists are chosen using snowball sampling and purposive sampling. In consequences of the study, after analysing the data and literatures, the authors have found that self-defence techniques are the efficient weapon of women to prevent being rape victim.

The authors have tried to give some referendum on the basis of their studies and it will give the unique idea to impede rape. This study will make women understand how they can protect themselves by using these strategies and examine the effect of self-defence in rape prevention.

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