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Agricultural Marketing Reforms: Current Status and Future Directions
Baby Iffat, Mohd. Shamim Ansari

India is primarily an agricultural economy with about half of the farming sector's workforce (GoI2016a). Marketing in agriculture means the economic mechanism through which agricultural products are traded. The Agri-Food system supports half of India’s population and other economic sectors. These sectors provided inputs to other industries for raw material and supply. It is estimated that India agricultural sector accounts for only about 14% of the country economy but 42% of total employment (GoI2020).So it is the country most crucial industry in terms of jobs generation, its percentage share has declined. The growth of GDP and stability of food chain management is the most critical aspect of the Indian economy. The Government has taken the requisite steps to make farms laws to ensure a profitable chain. Therefore, studying other agricultural marketing reforms is essential to increase farm productivity and maintain the supply chain. In this paper, analysis and understanding of recent agrarian marketing reforms in India and their effect are crucial in deciding the natural course of the future direction. We have attempted to review the country's major marketing reforms and various studies on the advantages and changes of agricultural marketing reforms and recommend solutions to improve NAM to distribute its anticipated benefits to farmers inclusively and efficiently.

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