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The Rise of Specific Crime Waves during the Pandemic and the Challenges Tackled By the Law Enforcement Agency of Bangladesh
Maisha Tabassum Anima

Though the main focus was on the health sector and its enacted policies, the crime situation of our society which can also be portrayed as the health of our society was strategically managed by our law enforcement agency. The covid-19 pandemic has had a monumental impact on the contemporary criminal tendency over the whole world. As the majority was relocating from the metropolitan areas and for a lack of a capable guardian, several specific crime patterns were recognized along with some unique crime techniques. In this precarious situation of society, our Law Enforcement Agency officers on the ground had to take integrated patrolling measures for stabilizing the situation. The key purpose of our Research is to focus on the Crime Patterns during COVID and the future aspects of this context. This research will have a strong emphasis on the Crime Prevention Strategy implemented by our Law Enforcement guardians during the outbreak and the future approaches which may be followed for improved Crime Prevention and the restoration of society. Strain theory and Opportunity theory have a major focus on this study for understanding the shifting crime pattern. The Qualitative Research approach is utilized for acquiring data through Content Analysis and Interviewing our Law Enforcement Authorities. Through the Research, extra pressure was observed on Law Enforcement Agency members for Preventing crime and assuring that citizens follow health rules; in order to execute both duties, they had to endure extra duty hours, health risks, family pressure, and being introduced to Advanced Prevention Methods.

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