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Challenges of Virtual Teaching Learning Activities in Bangladesh
Md. Saiful Islam, Md. Shafiul Islam

Higher education institutions are compelled to modernize their systems and practices because of the competitiveness of the 21st century. In today’s fast paced world, it is considered that education is incomplete without using technology in teaching-learning activities. The use of ICT in higher education has dramatically restructured the teaching and learning process all over the world. It serves as an important medium for promoting advanced teaching-learning methods. Bangladesh is advancing in ICT to keep pace in the changing world. It was almost unexplored the status of ICT based-teaching learning activities at the tertiary level in Bangladesh. But it is unveiled during the pandemic COVID-19. Due to lack of ICT infrastructure and ICT based-teaching learning environment, the tertiary level education has been shuttered in Bangladesh. Both the teachers and students of the country are suffering from low technological advancement due to their poor economic condition. The higher education institutions have insufficient technical and structural capabilities to implement virtual teaching learning activities in the country. So it is very difficult for the higher educational institutions to implement virtual education ignoring the challenges. This study investigates the challenges of virtual teaching learning activities at the tertiary level education in Bangladesh. A mixed method research approach is followed, using both primary and secondary sources of data, to prepare it. Primarily, it is revealed that the virtual teaching learning activities at the tertiary level in the country is not satisfactory. During the pandemic COVID-19, the public universities could not run their teaching-learning activities as expected. The public universities faced difficulties to offer teaching-learning activities virtually due to limitation of ICT infrastructure, uninterrupted internet connection, price of net package, affordable capacity of net for students, socio-economic condition and so on. However, this study puts some suggestions for the improvement of ICT based-teaching learning activities at the tertiary level in the country. 

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