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Pathogens in Organic Manure and their Effects on Health and Environment
Md Sayed Ali

Bangladesh is a developing country. It requires plenty production of different types of crops in the country. Utilization of human excreta and cow dung in the production of organic fertilizer and bio-gas, can fulfil some percentage of requirement. Objectives of the study are: a. The general objective- is to find out the nature of pathogen present in organic manure and causes of manure not being composted properly. b. Special objectives are: (i) To see how many types of sectors are there where the organic manure is produced (ii) To make a plan for proper composting. (iii) To evaluate the present state of recycling and composting of human excreta in eco-toilet (iv) How it affect the environment and health    The aims of the study are to see how the manures are composted? Maintenance of hygiene during composting, collection and sprayed in the crops fields. Laboratory test of manure from different venues, like cattle farm, eco-toilet and from village composting area. were carried out as primary data. Secondary data were collected from, different books, journals, data collection, and finally data analysis. .The samples collected from Alokdi Dhaka and under routine microscopic examination, shown the Ova of some helminth and live helminth. The samples collected from, eco-toilet of Comilla, shown the presence of Larvae of Strongyloides stercoralis only. But in culture all the samples (100 sample) of BARD, Rsichu and Alokdi shown the growth of Pseudomonas spp.

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