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Social Entrepreneurship: A New Venture for Social Development and its Role during Covid-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh
Laila Habib

Social Entrepreneurship itself has developed into a new form of entrepreneurial venture. More commonly this has been known to us as Corporate Social Responsibility. A great number of individuals mostly women have become social entrepreneurs in believing to benefit themselves as well as the society. The past year has been the most challenging with many people having to look for alternative means of earning money and also helping the less fortunate. This research will look into the different types of ventures and also try to accommodate a number of interviews from social entrepreneurs who have played an active role during the past year by providing support to people and society during COVID-19 Pandemic. The researcher intends to complete a survey on the benefits and problems that are being faced with this new prospects. Aside to this the research also intends to provide an idea about the future of such ventures and highlight the different areas where it can bring about changes. As this is a relatively new area of entrepreneurship, the scope and limitations have also been taken into context. Therefore, room for further research is expected in this area.

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