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COVID-19 as a Shadow Pandemic: Addressing COVID-19’s Role in Increasing Women’s Vulnerability Towards Gender Based Violence from The Perspective of Educated Youth in Dhaka
Era Robbani

Gender based violence, particularly violence against women increases during any form of crisis. COVID 19 has its vast share of impact in increasing gender-based violence in Bangladesh too. Especially, since lockdown and home-quarantine have become the new norms in the country, the women stuck with abusive partners or even in cyberspace are continually becoming victims of a patriarchal system. In light of this reality, this paper aims to address the increased vulnerability and scope of violence against women in both online and offline modalities while explaining COVID-19 as a shadow pandemic. The study uses qualitative research method where the results are presented through thematic analysis where the study found how COVID-19 is working as a facilitator of women’s vulnerability.

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