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2227-202X (Online)
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Exploring the Student Satisfaction and Future Career Expectation in the Field of Business Graduate: A Study on Undergraduate Level Student
Mr. Samir Bhadra, Md. Obaidur Rahman

The demographic make-up of business students is dramatically changing. This study sets out to measure how well the business profession is ready to accommodate what may be very different needs, impact of their guardian occupation for choosing jobs and expectations of this new generation of students. Non business students are becoming more and more of the business students because there are more and more job opportunities of the business students. Historically BBA faculty was a male dominated faculty but it is now becoming both male & female dominated. Now more or less 30% female and 70% male are studying in Business faculty. The enrollment in some universities in business faculty is even more skewed with women. The conclusion is made that the demographic make-up of the students entering into the business study faculty is undergoing profound and permanent change. Female will make up a significant segment of business related employment. An important part of this study involves ‘behavioral faculty’ research.

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