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Rural-Urban Market Linkages and its Impacts: A case of Nimsar Vegetable Bazar
Mohammed Kamrul Hasan, Kazi Foyez Ahmed

Nimsarbazar (market) is situated at Dhaka - Chattogram highways under Burichang Upazila of Cumilla District in Bangladesh. The study attempts to identify the history of Nimsar market, look into the marketing channels of vegetables, and its present problems especially legal aspects Due to unique growth of vegetable production, nearby village farmers had evolved the roadside market in early 1980s. Eventually this growing market displays consumer’s attraction, employment, labour in migration. It also reflects the harness of the prospect of vegetable selling for the people from expanding urbanization. Presently ‘illegal structures’ wrangles uncertainty of major portion of market. Based on field work, observation, and interview, the study has investigated rural urban linkages, people’s perception, labour participation, expectations of local people.

The market is pulling people from different districts for vegetable and fruits marketing. Market is running round the clock and peak time starts at midnight to late morning. On an average, the sale of vegetables of the market worth Taka more than Ten million in each day. Marginal farmers can sell their products easily here by giving minimum tax. According to oral voices supply of seasonal vegetables and fruits from different parts of Bangladesh has been increased after construction of Jamuna River Bridge. Presently expanding up to nearly two kilometers from north to south at both sides of the road, the impacts of market are manifolds. For instance, original entrepreneurs – peasants, piker, storages, seasonal production, commission business, collection of taxes, contract farming, transports, in and out of kachamal(vegetable), legal aspects of land, legal procedures of road safety, inter districts marketing channels, export channel, patron client relationship, financial prosperity, access to banks, traffic congestion, road accidents, and vulnerability of students, unplanned garbage disposals, haphazard parking, and uncertain livelihoods. Recently one of the whole sellers died due to road accident. On the other hand, nearby Kabila market has lot of potentialities and may provide supportive role. Nimsar demonstrates the rural-rural and rural urban linkages. How to develop this market on legal basis is the paramount question? This regional vegetable market of Cumilla still has potentials that need planning. Alongside development of educational institutes, green townships, zoning, people’s participation, safe transport networks, and governance are keys for regional planning.

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