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Fostering Economic Benefits through Smart Border Management: Bangladesh Perspective
Md. Amzad Hossain, Md. Shamimul Islam

There is a dilemma in managing a country’s border, first of all keeping the border open for legal transaction and movement of people and goods; secondly to clog up criminals. Due to diverse landscapes, Illegal immigration and infiltration of insurgents turned the border as an area of crime. Day by day it has became essential to manage our border smartly, so that we can provide safe and secure atmosphere for regional cooperation as well as economic integration.  The aim of the study is to find out the way of smart border management that fosters economic benefits. Both primary and secondary data have been used to conduct the study. Primary data has been collected via Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and face to face interview. Secondary data has been collected from different publications of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and published reports from various national and international dailies. Descriptive analysis has been used to present the data. The study found that, due to less cooperation among inter-agency, the overall security system in Bangladesh is vulnerable. Due to the Lack of automatic system in Land ports, it requires huge time to import and export of different goods, which causes heavy traffic congestion at the port area. Moreover, there have permission to transport certain items of goods within the land ports, that’s why people have to carry those goods with a long way to pass it with a legal way. So they adopt an illegal way to pass those goods. Due to absence of roads along the border, BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) can’t move easily from one place to another place for patrolling. It is also found that, if the border is managed with a smart way, then huge revenue could be earned every year. So, it is recommended that, the Government should manage the border smartly by using automatic technologies and constructing roads & floodlights along the borders.

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