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Cybercrime: The Awareness of Secure Utilization of the Internet among the Students of Britannia University
Masum Bakaul, Mahmuda Akter

Today the use of the internet has significantly increased for accessing and sharing information through the computer and other devices. The immense use of the internet and its dependence threaten user’s confidential information due to increasing attempts by unauthorized third parties to break the security and gain access to the information for their own favor which is referred to as cybercrime. It is, therefore, essential for all users to understand the security mechanisms and potential risk factors of using the internet to protect their confidential information from unauthorized access. The paper focused on the study to investigate the awareness of cybercrime and cybersecurity in earning the harmless transmission of data and the secure use of the internet. The research is enriched with the findings through a questionnaire survey conducted over a period of three months where the targeted population (100) were the students of Britannia University. The data were analyzed using SPSS statistical software and the results have been shown using a frequency distribution table. It has been learned from the survey findings that a remarkable number of students (79%) possess good knowledge of cybercrime. The researchers also carefully explored whether the respondents have intentionally or unintentionally committed cybercrime or not. In the conclusion, the paper investigateswhether the precaution has been taken by the respondents against cybercrime and for secure usage of the internet. The authors recommended conductinga workshop and possible credit hours for creating awareness on cybercrime among the students and the necessary security mechanisms for making strong protection against this crime.

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