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Multiple Effects of Mobile Phone Usage: A Study on Urban Areas College Students in Bangladesh
Md Sayed Ali

There are many means of communication, the mobile phone is one of them. It plays a great role in the sector of communication. Bangladesh having a 160 million population, where the total number of Mobile Phone subscribers have reached 159.780 Million at the end of March 2019. The objectives were to see the socio-economic condition of the parents, understanding about multiple options of mobile phone, proper utilization of mobile phone and areas of practice by the college students. It was a descriptive cross-sectional study at three colleges of Dhaka city. There were 134 respondents; the collected data were analyzed by using SPSS (version 21). The major findings were that 94 percent of college students use mobile phone. There were 41 percent boys and 59 percent girls. Among the students- 16 years of age was 17.2 percent, 17 years of age61.2 percent and 18 years of age 21.6 percent. The monthly average income of the family was a minimum BDT 5000 or 61 US Dollar and the population was 0.7 percent, and more than BDT 40,000 or USD 488 was 34.30 percent (1 US Dollar = 82 BDT). About 70 percent of mobiles were provided to the students by their parents. More than 64 percent of parents monitor their children’s mobile phones. The monthly mobile phone expense of the students was within BDT 20 or 0.24 USD which is 9.5 percent (minimum) and more than Taka 400 or USD4.88 was 19.8 percent (maximum). The students visit Facebook 38.8 percent, watch cinema 29.5 percent, games 38 percent and listening song71.3 percent. Due to the absence of a phone, when friends make fun, 14.7 percent student becomes angry and 20.7 percent become sorrow.28.1 percent feel inferior and small, those who don’t have a mobile. 14.7 percent of students talk at midnight. The physical problem for use of mobile phone are - Neck pain 8.7%, Headache 38.1%, Palpitation 3.2%, Neck pain associated headache 9.5. Fallen in love affairs 30.7 percent, anxiousness on hearing ringtone 37.9 percent. These are all related to the physical. mental, psychological and environmental problems. It is recommended that mobile phone use should be controlled and monitored more carefully by their guardians to reduce problems as identified by this study. Few aspects like Psychology, Education, social friendship, Facebook internet and few other aspects result indicate that psychological distress is related to maladaptive use of both the Internet and the mobile phone.

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