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Non- State Actor of Terrorism: The Emergence of Islamic State (IS) in the Global Politics
Md. Akmal Hossain

This paper evaluates the actual causes of appearance of Islamic State in the global politics. How it was circulated the entire world, is a broad question. To find out answers of these questions, my key findings are non-uniform. It is considered that, the wrong policies of the USA and its western allies, especially NATO is responsible for the emergence of this barbaric terrorist actor. Other reasons were Secondly, misperception and misinterpretation of Islamic scripture (The Holy Quran and Hadith, the Practical life of prophet Mohammad), Thirdly; Hostilities between Shia and Sunni and regional politics of Middle East, fourthly; Neoconist policies of the USA and its Indiscriminate drone attacks to destroy terrorists, Fifthly; Role of western media and Finally; corruption, feud and power hunger of the Middle East political leaders. Islamic State also the outcome of the dissatisfactions to the western culture, society and politics. Globalization has helped IS to reach globally, especially social site networks. To collect data, secondary sources have been used such as books, newspapers, international organizations reports, online news portals, renewed journal articles and so on.

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