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Quest for a Refugee Policy for Substantive and Sustainable Solution to the Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh
Mohammad Joynul Abedin

Since the independence of Bangladesh, it has been experiencing the worst geo political consequences of Rohingya crisis in its southeastern region, and the country has been adversely affected in terms of economy, healthcare system, security issues, environmental issues etc. As the persecution and ethnic cleansing of Rohingya people, especially Rohingya Muslim, have been regular and scheduled agenda for military government and Buddhist extremist of Myanmar for long time in its western region ‘Rakhine’, the victimized people fled to nearby country especially to Bangladesh for their survival. Although Bangladesh is neither a party of 1951 refugee convention nor has given the refugee status to these intruders, currently the country is overloaded with nearly 1 million Rohingya people. Eventually the situation is being aggravated and the crisis has been beyond explanation since the last couple of months. Internationally the issue is being neglected as the country’s diplomacy is not capable of meeting its demand while super powers are not interested due to their own interests. Although the country is providing shelters from humanitarian perspective, the fact is devastating from all perspectives. The prevailing tension between value and fact leads to a basic question that ‘for how long the country will experience such an unexpected situation?’ It is high time for the government, considering the internal and external challenges, to formulate and implement a comprehensive refugee policy for substantive and sustainable solution to the Rohingya crisis. The study attempts to explore the realities and emphasize on formulating a well-designed and articulated refugee policy. Qualitative Meta Synthesis method has been applied to conduct the study. The study reveals that a comprehensive refugee policy is the crying need for substantive and sustainable solution to the Rohingya crisis that will articulate the intruders’ status, and national and international mechanisms for the settlement of the crisis.

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