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Refugees and Populism in Hungary: Primal Fear or Election Bait?
Md. Rajin Makhdum Khan

As the Post-Cold War world order emerged, the world got shrouded with a truck load of civil wars. A world order that would be witnessing and focusing on human displacement, forced migration, poverty and sustainable development appeared to be evident. With the appearance of these civil wars, forced migration and human displacement garnered the attention of the world and the media. The news of these events is all over the mass media and refugees or forced migrants are now a reality of the world. The new refugee crisis that started in 2014 has affected the East European country of Hungary. Hungary had been previously a communist state and it was included into European Union in 2004 and a new atmosphere was about to be found there. But as the refugee crisis now arrives with some core liberal challenges, what does Hungary do as reactions? This study therefore focuses on discovering what the Hungarian people and the government is thinking about the refugees. After discovering the mindset of the people and the government, the paper further moves forward to finding out if the government and the political parties are using or exploiting the refugee crisis for their electoral benefits by moving the people’s minds with mentioning the risk factors regarding refugee inclusion into the country or the society. The paper’s conclusive part aims to provide a balanced discussion regarding the Hungarian values, social norms and atmosphere along with exploring whether these norms go against the idea of refugees’ inclusion into the Hungarian society. With all the major findings, the research thus wants to ascertain if there is a populist surge going on in Hungary and if yes, whether the surge is swelling or not.

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