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Television Viewing Patterns and Program Choices of Rural and Urban Audiences
Mohammad Morshedul Islam

Socio-economic differences of the rural and urban TV viewers may result in varied viewing patterns and program choices. This article aims at comparing the TV viewing habits across the rural-urban dichotomies which drew little attention from the researchers studying TV audience in Bangladesh. An exploratory and descriptive sample survey was designed with purposive sampling. Data was collected from 110 rural (Female 75, Male 35) and 149 urban (Female 78, Male 71) respondents with a semi-structured questionnaire. Rural respondents were selected from villages of five Upazila under Chittagong district and urban respondents from Chittagong City Corporation. It has been observed that daily average TV viewing time of a rural viewer is 24 minutes more, Bangladeshi channels 18 minutes more and Indian channels 7 minutes more than his urban counterpart. Prime time also differs across the dichotomies. Much more viewers that are rural watch soaps, dramas, telefilms and religious programs than urban viewers. Much more rural viewers prefer to watch programs in Bengali language. Conversely, number of urban respondents watching programs in Hindi and English Languages are much higher. Findings of this study will be helpful to the decision makers in TV channels, academia, government and non-government organizations concerned with TV and its audiences.

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