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2227-202X (Online)
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The Protection of Environment during Armed Conflict: A Review of IHL
Md. Jahidul Islam

International warfare in modern times results tremendous suffering for human being from mass killing of civilians to the exodus of millions of refugees. There are international legal instruments to save civilians, wounded soldiers and prisoners of war. But, the destruction of environment is a common phenomenon during modern war, which is overlooked by the policy makers. Therefore, this study is intended to demonstrate the body of international laws regarding the protection of environment during war. International Environmental Law is applicable in peace time. But, only International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is applicable during armed conflict. For that reason this article primarily denotes the conceptual framework of environmental protection and historical development of the environmental protection during war. Furthermore, the general, direct and indirect aspect of International Humanitarian Law regarding the protection of environment during war has been discussed. In addition, different international legal instruments including United Nations Resolutions have been evaluated. Finally, the paper concentrates on the limitations of International Humanitarian Law considering environmental protection during war.

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