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Demographic Dividend in Bangladesh: Quest for Initiatives
Kazi Abusaleh

The paper aimed to depict the changing trend of population Bangladesh and projected future growth with special focus on working-age structure indicating initiatives needed to be taken right now. Relevant studies and papers were gathered through purposive sampling and analyzed using Qualitative Interpretive Meta-Synthesis (QIMS). The overall result of the contextual analysis shows that Bangladesh has faced demographic transition period successfully and the one time opportunity get started to put on economic growth as the median age structure are increasing sharply day by day in comparison to the post-independence period with a fall of fertility rate. The afterword of 2050, as population projection depicts, with higher life expectancy, Bangladesh will face huge dependent aged people who will require feed them without sales return under ‘Social Safety-net’ program and hence it is the high time to step up its economic growth. The paper recommends equitable quality education for all linking with job market needs and demands as well as full and productive employment for all through the creation of new job opportunities.

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