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Customer Satisfaction: A Study on Conventional Bank Customers in Dhaka
Bohi Shajahan, Tamanna Islam, Samia Shabnaz

The Banking sector in Bangladesh has significant contribution in the financial development of the economy. The growth in this sector has grabbed the attention of researchers. With the rise in competition; this sector is subject to ever increasing customer demand and challenges. Hence, maintaining satisfaction becomes a key element of survival of the banks. Therefore, the study aims to find out the major factors affecting the customer satisfaction of conventional banks in Dhaka. To serve the purpose, 204 respondents have been selected from Dhaka city using purposive sampling method. The clients have been interviewed using structured questionnaire which was pilot tested for modification. Different statistical tests like Cronbach Alpha score, KMO test, Berlet’s Test of sphericity have been done. Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy test shows the value of .735.The Principal Component Analysis extraction method was used to analyze the data with Varimax Rotation Method. The extracted communalities ranged from 0.517 to 0.837. For clarity of the factor definitions, factor loadings of more than 0.500 were considered. The factor analysis yielded 6 factors in all which explaining 68.3 percent of total variance. Based on the results of exploratory factor analysis it becomes evident that the factor that is highly important for satisfaction is the tangible resources of banks followed by assurance. The factor with least impact was empathy. Based on this research Banks can concentrate on the major factors and design their strategies and activities in a manner that will be more effective to improve their customer’s satisfaction

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