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Teachers’ Perception and Practice of Constructivist Approach of English Language Teaching at the Primary Level in Bangladesh
Fahmida Haque

A special attention has been given to the primary education in Bangladesh since the inception of new education policy in 2012. The earlier behaviorist approach to learning and teaching has gradually changed to cognitive and constructivist approaches. Therefore, the present study investigates how constructivist approach of ELT has been practicing at the primary level in Bangladesh. The present study aims to respond to the research questions of qualitative nature. The survey research approach has been chosen as the methodology of this research. Teachers’ perceptions were found through questionnaires. Findings show that, half of the teachers perceive the mentioned methods in line with constructivism while remaining teachers still perceive to use these methods as a traditional way of teaching. Furthermore, teachers’ perception is not similar to their teaching practices considering constructivism.

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