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Role of International Remittance on Rural Development in South-central Region of Bangladesh
Apurba Roy, Sudipa Basu

This study examines the impact of international remittance on rural development process in south-central rural areas of Bangladesh. The methodology applied in this study is qualitative in nature. Multistage random sampling technique has been applied to select the study area and convenient sampling approach has been used to select the sample from the study area. In-depth face to face interview technique has been employed to collect the data by using pretested semi-structured questionnaire from the respondents. A set of statistical tools such as, descriptive statistics, t-test, and correlation analysis has been employed to explore the research objective. The findings of the research show that international remittance plays positive role in rural development process by improving socioeconomic conditions of the remittance receiving rural households. It also asserts that remittance income serves as a key factor in sustaining the livelihood and improving the living conditions of the household. The outcome of the research is an addition to the existing body of knowledge on international remittance and its role in rural development process in the context of south-central region of Bangladesh. Appropriate policies have to be taken and implemented to increase remittance inflow to speed up rural development process in Bangladesh.

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