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Women & Domestic Violence: A Study in India
Jayanta Choudhury, Moutoshi Deb

Gender discrimination can be track back to ancient society or civilization. The most common type of violence against women worldwide is “domestic violence” or the physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse of women by their intimate partners or ex-partners (Heise et al., 1999).Research on violence against women raises important ethical and methodological challenges in addition to those posed by any research. According to available statistics from around the world, about 33 per cent of the women have experienced violence in one form or the other in their intimate relationship at some point in their life (WHO, 1997). In India, the actual prevalence of domestic violence against women is scant. For a variety of reasons, women may fail to report violence that takes place in the family .Even today, various forms of violence against women are prevalent in our society, though many cases remain unreported due to cultural norms, apathy or ignorance. Present study try to enlighten the actual scenario of domestic violence in our society. The study is limited to view perception pertaining to domestic violence through schedule survey by purposive random sampling. The study was conducted in the state of Tripura as it ranks 4th in National Crime Record Bureau, 2015 regarding Violence against Women. Though, the study is confined to the analysis of socio-cultural and educational background of the victims of domestic violence, however, critical appreciation of pertinent literature and analysis of secondary data on matters related to domestic violence and other related aspects has been ensured in the study.

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