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Women Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh: A Descriptive Study on Challenges and Prospects
Nasrin Akther Lubna, Masuma Parvin

Economic empowerment of women is an inevitable part of the development discourse. Women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh represent a large group of women who are exploring new panoramas of economic participation. In this paper researcher has tried to investigate the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs for starting up and also doing up of business. Furthermore researcher has explored the prospects of women empowerment in Bangladesh. By using convenient sampling technique and a structured questionnaire an exploratory survey was conducted on 100 women entrepreneur to reach those objectives. Some secondary data sources have also been applied. Data have been analyzed by using SPSS version 16.0. The findings of this study disclose that women entrepreneurs (20.7% of the total respondent) face hostile environment both in and outside their family. 14.9% and 12.2% of the total respondent find competitive pressure and financial problem respectively as major impediments. Moreover, difficulty in purchasing raw materials and selling goods, lack of adequate knowledge about running business, fraud customers, lack of skilled worker, unhealthy competition put some pitfalls in the way of developing women entrepreneur. This study also finds that women entrepreneurs are choosing digital means for marketing their goods which show a very good prospect

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