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Governance Analysis on Natural Resource Management and Ecosystem Protection in Bangladesh
Shamrita Zaman

Climate and its changing patterns constitute a dominant driver of natural systems. Proper management of the natural resource requires effective governance framework. This governance approach mainly focuses on the management of natural resource and ecosystem. To inquire the legal aspects on natural resource management and ecosystem protection, available legal documents in Bangladesh were studied based on a specific questionnaire. In the case of natural resource management-conservation of the protected areas, prohibition of hunting endangered species, protection of their habitats, dissemination of information such as environmental impact assessment, national report on the state of environment etc. are protected by relevant national laws. Again, in case of  ecosystem protection - restoration  of ecological function, management of aquatic, coastal and marine eco-system, prevention of the decrease of harvested population of animals and plants, sustainable use of biological diversity and its component into physical planning system are also protected by national legal system . However protections of non-target species are not covered by the existing policies. Again in case of water resource management- institutional arrangements and substantive norms for sharing the river basin in an equitable manner for transboundary rivers are also protected by national legal acts and treaties. In the context of natural resource management, it is clear that established governance approach must be developed for promoting a healthy ecosystem. Overall, the goal of this analysis is, therefore, to find out whether the conservation of natural resources are protected by  existing laws, acts and policies of Bangladesh or not ? Finally this study will detect the existing gaps (if any) of laws & policies which should be undertaken to establish good governance in Bangladesh. The finding of the study will be helpful for the policy makers in Bangladesh as well as other climate stressed countries.

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