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Articles in Society & Change.
Physical and Psycho-Social Impact of Mobile Phone Usage among the High School Students of Rural Areas in Bangladesh
Md Sayed Ali, Md Akhter Hossain
Uses of Right to Information (RTI) Act by Journalists in Promoting Accountability and Transparency in Public Services and NGOs
Motasim Billah, Muhammad Sehab Uddin
Factor Associated With Marital Happiness among Newly Married Individuals in Varanasi, India
Kamalesh Kumar Patel, Murali Dhar
Influence of Inflowing Land Characteristics on Separation of Parent-Child Residence and Urban-Rural Differences
XU Qing-hong
The “One Belt One Road” Initiative and the Immigration Risks from the Border: The Case Study of China-Laos, China-Vietnam Borders
Nguyen Truong Phuong Loc
Human Resources Planning in Labour Intensive Industry with Special Focus on Readymade Garment, Bangladesh
Mohammad Hassan
Healthcare across the Border: Stigmatization Experiences and Healthcare-seeking Behavior of Male Expatriates with HIV/AIDS in Thailand
Mr. Dennis C. Casing
Integrating Overweight-obesity and Reproductive Factors of Married Women in Bangladesh
Mohammad Meshbahur Rahman, Zaki Farhana, Tania Akhter Tani, Mohammad Ohid Ullah
Breaking the Shield and bridging the Gaps: Health needs and Health care Utilization of Adolescent Girls
Md. Abul Hossen, Md. Imran Khan, Md. Zahangir Bhuyiah
An Overview of the Maternal and Neonatal Health Situation in Bangladesh and the Scopes for Improvement
Halima Akhter, Sumonkanti Das, Kazi Moriom Jahan