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Articles in Society & Change.
Breaking the Shield and bridging the Gaps: Health needs and Health care Utilization of Adolescent Girls
Md. Abul Hossen, Md. Imran Khan, Md. Zahangir Bhuyiah
An Overview of the Maternal and Neonatal Health Situation in Bangladesh and the Scopes for Improvement
Halima Akhter, Sumonkanti Das, Kazi Moriom Jahan
Social Security for the Rural Elderly Women in India
Jayanta Choudhury
Combating Thalassemia in Bangladesh: A case for framing Anti-thalassemia Legislation and National Policy
Md. Omar Faruque Munshi
Quest for a Refugee Policy for Substantive and Sustainable Solution to the Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh
Mohammad Joynul Abedin
An Analysis of Local Government Laws in Bangladesh: In quest for Unraveling Existing Anomalies
Shah Md. Azimul Ehsan
Social Acceptance of Special Children with Autism Challenges of Parents in Bangladesh
Rozina Khanam
Road Infrastructure and Agricultural Development: A Policy Intervention in a Backward Rural Economy
Utpal Kumar De
Child Murder Issues in Bangladesh: Reasoning from Socio-Ethical Observation
Tahmina Yesmin Shova, Rasel Hussain
Refugees and Populism in Hungary: Primal Fear or Election Bait?
Md. Rajin Makhdum Khan