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Articles in Society & Change.
Skill Development Challenges of Bangladesh and Korea’s Economic Emancipation: A Comparative Study
Humaira Naznin, Sadiya Binte Karim
Victim Blaming In Contemporary Bangladesh: An Exploratory Study on Rape Victims in Tangail
Nurjahan Khatun
Debunking the Drug Abuse-Crime Interplay A Study on the Youths of Selected Urban Areas of Munshiganj District, Bangladesh
Tauhid Hossain Khan
Environmental Compliance Procedures in Development Projects of Local Government in Bangladesh: Major Weaknesses and Implications
A.K. M. Mahmudul Haque
Dams and Development: the Kaptai Hydro Electricity Project Revisited
Mahfuzul Haque
The Impacts of the Burmese Citizenship Law on the “Rohingyaas”: A Critical Appraisal
Md. Jobair Alam
Measuring Household Economic Status in Rural Bangladesh: Can Asset Based Indicators Replace Household Income and Expenditure?
Shamali Shill
Influence of Natural System and Development Features on Cyclone Aila’s Impact in the South-west Coastal Region of Bangladesh
Dr. Kazi Md. Fazlul Haq
Assistance to Enhance Knowledge and Income for Reducing Vulnerability of Women Due to Climate Change:
Md. Abdul Quaiyum Sarkar
Strengths and Pitfalls of the U.S. Medicaid Program for the Poor
Md. Rafiqul Islam