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Articles in Society & Change.
Empowering women through STEM education: A key driver of development
Traditional Medicinal Practices in the Context of Urban Bangladesh: Issues and Challenges
Md. Habibur Rahman, Md. Abul Hossen
Attitude towards and Relationship with Deserted Women: Bangladesh Context
Neaz Ahmed, Abul Kashem
HIV/AIDS Affected People and Social Exclusion: A Review of Literature
Md. Zahangir Bhuyiah, Md. Abul Hossen
Challenges for Implementing International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in the Contemporary Landscape
Tariq Bin Sarwar
Women's Decision Making Agency: An Ethnographic Study on Selected Women Borrowers of ACD, Bangladesh
Faraha Nawaz
The Role of Education in the Development of Underdeveloped World
Mohammad Ekramul Hoque
Marketing Challenges Faced by Poor Fishermen Communities of Rural Bangladesh
Sk Mashudur Rahman
Osder Publications
Linguistic Transition and Challenges for Tertiary Level Students: A Private University Scenario
Marzia Rahman, Tairen Azad, Afsara Maymuna Haque